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It’s Playtime in Belgium as Colorful Communities Works its Magic

More than 30 PPG employees, school staff and parents volunteered over four days to add colour to a newly reshaped playground in Deurne, Belgium.

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PPG Supports the Science and Technology Museum of Milan

PPG’s support for the Science and Technology Museum of Milan has been long-standing and spans various different projects and events.
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Flying High in Aviation Coatings

As the second member of staff to be recognised for going the Extra Mile, meet Ahmed Al-Attas!

Ahmed has worked with PPG for over eight years and is currently the Technical Sales Manager for the Middle East.

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Celebrating Excellence with EPFL Euler Course Graduates

We’d like to offer a huge congratulations to the students who graduated from the Euler Course at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland!
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Den Bosch, Famous for Paints, and Plasters!

At PPG we are of the belief that diversity makes for a stronger and more progressive team and we are more than appreciative of the unique opportunity we have to learn more about the fascinating and eclectic cultures that make up PPG EMEA.
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Colorful Communities – 2016 Round-up

Brightening up our local communities
Throughout 2016 several of our EMEA sites took part in the Colorful Communities project – PPG’s global signature initiative for our community engagement efforts that aims to protect and beautify the communities where we operate....
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Introducing the YPO

It’s been very exciting to see the momentum grow behind the Young Professional Organisation network here in EMEA.
YPO PPGIn 2014, a small team of colleagues from PPG sites in the Netherlands launched the first PPG Young Professionals Organisation (YPO) in EMEA...
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