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Colorful Communities – 2016 Round-up

Brightening up our local communities
Throughout 2016 several of our EMEA sites took part in the Colorful Communities project – PPG’s global signature initiative for our community engagement efforts that aims to protect and beautify the communities where we operate.
It supports projects that transform community assets, providing PPG volunteers and donating PPG products to bring colour and vitality. Within the EMEA region, seven sites completed the Colorful Communities project in 2016.
Istanbul, Turkey

Colorful Communities Turkey
The team in Turkey provided newly built and painted bicycles to nearly 35 elementary school students, including 15 refugees. Each bike was painted in the child’s favourite colour.
  • 40 volunteers
  • More than 10 kg of PPG industrial Coatings products
  • 360 volunteer hours
Watch the Turkey video below:
If you’re an employee at PPG you can view video from Istanbul here.
Brno, Czech Republic
Colorful Communities Czech
The Brno team helped to brighten up interiors and exteriors of a local primary school, including adding colourful murals to the building’s previously drab corridors.
  • 100+ volunteers
  • 800 litres of Balakryl and Primalex paints
  • About 1600 volunteer hours
We prepared, painted, created, sweated and cleaned up. The work was definitely not ‘sexy,’ but the outcome was brilliant. I have been working for more than 20 years and I do not think that this event can be topped.
– Iris Finger, Managing Director of the Brno Shared Services Centre
Watch the Brno video here:
If you’re an employee at PPG you can view video from Brno here.
Cieszyn, Poland
Colorful Communities Poland
We sponsored the first Mur Art festival of murals, in cooperation with city authorities, that helped to beautify the city centre by adding colourful mural art to the walls.
If you’re an employee at PPG you can view video from Poland here.
Budapest, Hungary
Colorful Communities Hungry
We began a project to revitalise and repaint the entire maternity ward at the Jahn Ferenc hospital, in Budapest, brightening the lives of more than 5,000 patients per year.
  • 30+ volunteers
  • 500+ litres of PPG products
  • 250 volunteer hours
All the artistry in Hungary can be viewed below:
If you’re an employee at PPG you can view video from Budapest here.
Soborg, Denmark

Colorful Communities Denmark
The Soborg team added shelter and seating to the city arena’s parkour area based on a design created by local children, encouraging more residents from the nearby Hoje Gladsaxe housing estate to use the facilities.
  • 30+ volunteers
  • 150 litres of DYRUP® Façade Extra paint in 10 colours
  • About 200 volunteer hours
We hope this is the beginning of close cooperation on more community initiatives. Already we are planning an educational day at our PPG site for local school students.
– Peter Soerensen, PPG General Manager, Architectural Coatings, Denmark
The efforts in Soborg are highlighted in this video:
If you’re an employee at PPG you can view video from Soborg here.
Birstall, United Kingdom
Colorful Communities UK
The team in Birstall helped to revitalise the local railway station in Batley, northern England by adding colour to the frontage, café and community area, and created an awesome subway mural.
  • 120+ volunteers
  • 177 litres of JOHNSTONE’S® paint in 52 colours
  • More than 1100 volunteer hours
I’m thrilled that the station makeover is complete – and it looks fantastic! What we have now is a station which is a fantastic gateway to the town. I cannot thank PPG enough. 
– Gwen Lowe, Chair of Friends of Batley Station
Watch the Batley station come to life below:
If you’re an employee at PPG you can view video from Birstall here.
Saultain/Marly, France
In France we helped the University of Valenciennes to revitalise an exhibition hall, clean the surrounding grounds and canal, and prepare a “Plastic Landscape” exhibition showcasing recycled plastic materials.
  • 60 volunteers
  • 90 litres of SEIGNEURIE® paint products
  • 250 volunteer hours
Watch the Saultain and Marly teams’ efforts below:
If you’re an employee at PPG you can view video from Saultain/Marly here.
We can’t wait to see what the Colorful Communities project will bring in 2017!







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