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It’s Playtime in Belgium as Colorful Communities Works its Magic

More than 30 PPG employees, school staff and parents volunteered over four days to add colour to a newly reshaped playground in Deurne, Belgium.

The volunteers worked tirelessly to brighten the play area and exterior of a local primary school, De Bever (The Beaver) in Deurne, where PPG has a protective and marine coatings plant.

If you’re an employee at PPG you can view this video here or on PPG People Facebook.

Around 340 students attend the school from kindergarten through grade 6, several PPG employees’ children attend the school, some of whom helped with the playground renovation project!

With the help of the City of Antwerp council the playground was recently rebuilt but it was down to the Colorful Communities troops to give the neutral-colored playground equipment the vibrance it needed.

As well as the play apparatus, workers gave the exterior walls and doors a lick of fresh paint. Products used in the project included, SIGMA NEOFER™ Décor, SIGMA™ AMAROL™ Triol and SIGMAFACADE™ Topcoat Satin paint products.

PPG even through in a brand new basketball hoop!

“I think it is our duty and responsibility as a PPG production facility to understand and support the community around the plant,

It is very important to know what’s going on in the community around us, and this project gave us the chance to know our neighbours better. It was good to see everyone working together on the same project with the same goal.”

– Cees Rijnsburger, PPG operations manager, protective and marine coatings, Europe, Middle East and Africa






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