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Color Chart


CHROMATIC®, the ultimate brand in paint, is the reference tool for dedicated paint specialists

The color palette of choice for building professionals. 
In a rapidly expanding profession where technical skill in painting requires expertise in color, CHROMATIC® has become a support system fully suited to the daily needs of paint specialists.

1,170 inspirational shades

CHROMATIC® offers expert creative color solutions that fit in with the trend for lasting projects high in decorative content. CHROMATIC® has been designed to maximize the professional’s color expertise and allow them to better advise their clients. JonOne, an artist who can fully relate to a project that values painters and color, has agreed to lend his name to CHROMATIC®
CHROMATIC® has developed a regularly renewed and enhanced color palette of 1170 unique shades that are modern and inspirational. A complete color wheel of deep, fine, intense and bright shades makes it easy to play with different color combinations, organize space and to create a modern and contemporary décor. The perfect balance of colors selected and refined by our color experts allow for every creative whim. We have a vast array of color choices to set the tone for a project/place and that work well with any desired style.
Discover CHROMATIC®’s colors and create whatever design fits in with the space and profile of your clients
CHROMATIC® products include powerful, premium quality tools for a perfect mastery of color and feel. All-inclusive selection guides and reference supports adapt to every professional expectation in terms of color expertise: format, functionality, themes etc. The world of color is no longer a mystery for CHROMATIC® which provides professionals with the complete scope of their research and innovation. With CHROMATIC® color inspires professionals.



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