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Passion red, bright yellow, invigorating orange, pure white ... 


Passion red, bright yellow, invigorating orange, pure white ... each color has a meaning and a symbolism
Colors influence our mood and have a psycho-sensory effect on each of us.
Warm colors, cool colors, neutral tones... in a room colors create a general ambiance which is crucial to its use.


WARM colors

Generally, they attract attention/catch the eye and create a sense of closeness, vitality and energy
Still controversial, yellow is however, a decorator’s best friend. A symbol of warmth and light, yellow diffuses its solar energy within the interior of our home and stimulates our ability to learn
Orange, the ideal color for communication, overflows with enthusiasm, a zest for life and conviviality. In its mineral variations, it is a source of well-being.
Red is the most powerful of colors.  It symbolizes Life, strength and passion but also warning and danger. Whatever its meaning, red brings warmth; perfect for a room bathed in cool light!
Pink is feminine, fresh and sparkling. And whatever its hue, pink is always generates a good mood!


COOL colors

They suggest distance, healing and calm.
Blue, in all its variations is associated with wide spaces (the sea, they sky) and is a symbol of freedom. It promotes creativity as well as rest and healing.
The color of nature in bloom, green is an excellent color for daytime, but is resistant to artificial lighting.  Depending on its hue, green can be simultaneously invigorating (if it leans toward yellow), balancing and relaxing.
Purple is the color of spirituality. It is a subtle color, refreshing in its bluish variations and more stimulating when it leans towards red.


NEUTRAL colors

Neutral colors
From black to white, from beige to brown, neutral tones as a link or as transition when creating color harmonies.
White, much like grey or beige continue to have guaranteed timeless appeal; bland when used alone, these colors highlight any hues with which they are combined. Likewise, black, the ultimate symbol of elegance is an excellent color that enhances contrast.
These are colors that when mixed with brown, symbol of the Earth, will create style






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